Dear Prospective Client:

Not all forklift training is the same! Shopping for a forklift trainer is very much different that shopping for a car, camera, suitcase or printer.  Regardless which brand you choose, the same item you are interested in purchasing can be had at different stores for different prices, and wherever you shop, whatever you pay, the item is still the same.

Forklift training is different.  NO training firm is accredited, certified or regulated by the provincial government, and as far as they are concerned, we can do whatever we want, and get paid for it.  The Ministry of Labour leaves it up to the business to make they right decision, and hire the proper training firm.  What you get from one trainer is very much different than each and every other trainer.  All trainers do their own thing!  And just about all of them deem that all your staff are more than qualified to operate your lift trucks.  And why do they do that, because at the end of the day, it is your responsibility to ensure that the people you hire are competent to operate your lift trucks.  Wouldn't you think that the company you would be hiring would make that recommendation to you based upon their professionalism?  And the answer is NO!  Most get a cheque and 'certify' everyone.  Open-book tests, instructor-assisted tests, group tests, each staff corrects their own tests.  That is not training and determining competency, especially for the hard-earned money you take out of your profits to hire a trainer.  Don't you want to know which employees are qualified to operate your lift trucks safely?

That is where Ideal Forklift Training comes in.  We test your staff with at least one test, if not more. No open book tests, no instructor assisted tests. No group tests, and we correct the tests.  All like it was in school.  And only then can we, as lift truck training specialists, can determine which of your staff are qualified, or not, to use your forklifts.  Isn't that what you are paying a forklift trainer to do on your behalf?  And we actually test them on your forklifts to assess their safe operation, and efficiency.  Do we fail?  Of course we do.  People fail high school classes, college and university courses, and not everyone gets 100%.  We even provide various levels of certification based upon their skillset.  That is what we do!

The Ministry of Labour recently, as of December 2017, increased the liabilities for corporations from $500,000.00 per count for an incident that involves your staff to $1,500,000.00  And your operator's liabilities have increased from a mere $25,000.00 to as much as $100,000.00  This is no pocket change, for your staff, or your business.  And don't forget the following:

- increased WSIB premiums
- increased insurance rates
- Ministry of Labour regular visits
- time lost, insurance companies, lawyers, court dates, and government inspections

If you are a manager/supervisor in-charge of making the decision  as to whom you are going to hire to provide this all-important training to your staff, please remeber that any violation to the OHSAct can impact you!  If your staff have not been properly trained and vetted, and if an incident does occur, you, as the manager/supervisor may be liable up to $100,000.00.  We grade your staff based upon their qualifications.  We do not pass everyone simply because they attended the course.  They have to earn their 'certification', and not just be 'certified' because they signed-in, and the training firm received a cheque.  We are the only firm that grades each and every one of your staff, on your behalf, to make sure that they are truly capable of operating your equipment.  That is why you hire a qualified lift truck training specialist, and not someone who simply goes through the motions, and then declares everyone competent.  As we tell our students 'THINK before you act', and you, as the responsible person making this vital decision, should do the same.  Just getting your staff trained does not make you, or your company, immune against the harsh liabilities.  DUE DILIGENCE must be practiced!

Not all training is the same!  We differ.  We do not show movies, and in most cases, train a full day, or more, and only once we feel someone has earned their full 'certification', do we deem them competent, and issue a certificate and permit.  These documents must be earned, and not simply handed out because they came to the course and signed in.  We sign off on the documentation, making these documents legal papers, and we do not do so until we are sure of their capabilities.

With almost 19 years of lift truck training experience, and only service that we provide is lift truck training, we are specialists in our trade, and we have no incidents under our belts.  We will not issue documentation to your staff until such time they have proven that they are truly capable.  Your staff's safety is your responsibility.  The equipment and facility are yours as well.  There is a lot to lose if you choose the wrong trainer.  Earning money and making profits is difficult, and expensive.

When seeking a forklift training specialist, consider our services.  I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  You will actually be very surprised on how comprehensive we are, and the quality of the various paperwork we turn in to you post course.  And for all of that, our services are very competitive, price-wise!  Think about it!  We are both dealing with someone's mother, father, son, daughter, brother and/or sister.  Don't they deserve to come home and see their families each and everyday?  These are lives we are talking about, as well as limbs!  You can always replace a desk or light bulb, but a human life is priceless!  Why cut corners on your staff's health and safety? Consider us when choosing your next training provider.  And by the way, we only teach lift trucks, propane/batteries, and nothing else. 

We are the forklift training specialists, for Ottawa, and Eastern Ontario!