Our Team

We may be small, but we are smart and effective. We know forklift training better than any other firm in the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario areas.
We have the know-how, the smarts, the patience, the ideas, the innovation,  allowing us to be the most effective trainers anywhere!

Danny Maron

Danny comes from a varied background, mainly in sales and marketing.  Danny is accustomed to communicating with store clerks, as well as senior management of Fortune 500 companies. Danny has been involved in the lift truck safety training business for the past 18 years, and has developed the skills to simplify all matters when it comes to safe forklift operations.  Yes, 18 years.  An extensive background and knowledge of safe forklift operations, and regulations. 

Although strict in his teachings, the manner in which the courses are delivered tend to be lighthearted, although the content is always taken very seriously.

Danny's knowledge of powered industrial lift trucks is second to none, and his knowledge and experience has earned him a spot as a contributing editor to the Safety First column at forkliftaction.com, the premier website regarding powered industrial lift trucks, and the reputation as a world class leader when it comes to safe forklift operations.

James Cayen

James has many years in the local retail industry, involving the use of powered industrial lift trucks wherever he was employed.

James is also an instructor in first-aid, providing diligent training to his list of clients.

James possesses many years as a forklift operator, and serves as an associate on the individuals practical day on Sundays. James handles registration for the individuals courses, as well as Ideal Forklift Training's IT.