"Constantly Lifting the Standard"

Welcome to the finest lift truck operator safety training centre in Ottawa your staff (or yourself) will ever receive....GUARANTEED!

WE KNOW LIFT TRUCKS/FORKLIFTS!  Forklift training is all we do! That is our profession.  No movies.  No modules.  No gimmicks.

Just straight honest accurate proper forklift training.

Possessing a forklift license, or forklift permit is not a requirement by law.  There is nothing in the CSA guidelines, Occupational Health & Safety Act, or in the Canada Labour Code that suggests that forklift operators require a forklift license or forklift permit.  Although in certain industries, possessing this permit is advantageous, many-a-times the holder of these forklift licenses will never use them.

Ideal Forklift Training OTTAWA issues forklift licenses.  We were the first in Canada to issue laminated digital photo-ID permits so the cardholder can be readily identified.  We issue attractive and personalized wall certificates to all successful candidates. We are amongst the first to deliver our presentations via PowerPoint and we are of just a few that objectively grades the employees based upon their competency and capabilities to operate your lift trucks.

We deliver comprehensive, in-depth objective and complete training to everyone who is seeking the finest possible lift truck training who look forward to returning home safely each and every night, and be the best they can be.

 We know our stuff.